My 2017 Bookish Goals

Now that 2016 is over, I made a few bookish resolutions for the year to come. Maybe reading this will help you find your own ! In 2017 I want to :

  • Read a total of 50 books :

This one is the least drastic of my resolutions because this is just a general idea of how many books I want to read. No pressure, I grant myself the right to read less books than this, or more (which very likely to NOT happen). I don’t want to feel pressured to read but the main idea is that I want to read more, and if I reach that number I’ll be more than content. If you want to see if I’m succeeding at this “Reading Challenge” or just what I am up to with my readings, you can add me on Goodreads

  • Read at least one classic a month

I recently came to the realization that I hardly ever read classics, so I set myself a challenge to read one classic a month. I’ll be doing a video series on my Booktube Channel that will be called “One Month, One Classic”.

  • Read at least 6 poetry books 

After reading some poetry online, I found out that poetry spoke to me in a way that nothing else can besides music. I can’t wait to read more poetry books and I have 6 of them on my wishlist so I thought it’d be a good number.

  • Read more french authors

You may or may not know this, but I actually am a French girl ! I mostly read works that are written in English, by English-speaking authors but I decided that I wanted to show my country’s literature some love. Hence, I will be reading more by Francophone authors, in French.

  • Read more feminists works

I’ve claimed myself to be a feminist for years now, but there is so much left that I have yet to learn. For this reason, I decided that I wanted to read a few feminist books in 2017 and will be speaking of them in another YouTube series that I will name “The Feminine Mystique” after one of the feminist books that I plan on reading.

  • Read more genres and formats

I usually read young adult fiction books. I might read some new adult romance when I’m feeling a bit crazy. Reading is all about opening yourself to new worlds, but also new words which is why I want to expand my reading range this year : essays, graphic novels, memoirs, plays, thrillers& crime books, adult fantasy books, self-help books, poetry of course, and so much more that I have yet to discover.

  • Read more diverse books 

Don’t you think there is a serious lack of diversity in most popular books ? How many times have we seen a disabled MC in a romance, a transexual demon-fighter in fantasy, a gay couple rebelling against the government in a dystopia or a black girl and her Mexican girlfriend going on a road-trip in a young adult contemporary  ?  The answer is : NOT ENOUGH ! Diversity is a reality. I, myself am a living proof of diversity. I want to read books with characters that I can relate to and that other marginalized people can relate to

  • Finish series

Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, The 5th Wave : what do they all have in common ? They are series that I started and never finished. My plan is to finish them along the year and also to start AND finish other series : The Lunar Chronicles, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, The Infernal Devices, Six Of Crows and The Selection.

  • Provide quality content on all platforms :

Instagram, YouTube and this blog are three platforms that I use to share my passion for books with anyone who is willing to follow me and be part of my audience. I want to work hard on all of these platforms, provide good content with creativity, originality and passion. Because after all, books are not only about the reading when it comes to people from the bookish community : it’s also about sharing a common passion with other people.

Thank you for reading !

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3 Replies to “My 2017 Bookish Goals”

  1. Love these goals! 🙂
    And wait, you have a Booktube as well?! You just got yourself a new subscriber. Booktube is like my new obsession. It’s so fun to play the videos in the background while I”m at work. 😛

    1. Aww thank you ! I’m not too regular yet because I have to fit the filming and editing into my already packed schedule but I think that, starting next week, I will be posting once a week or at least once every 10 days 🙂 Thank you so much for the subscription !

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